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 Beecroft - Danwell Company, LLC


The Clear Choice


The clear choice for all your natural water needs!

Beecroft-Danwell Company takes great pride in our work,

we are happy to guide our customers through any services needed.


The services offered include: onsite well estimates, well drilling, water system set up and repair,

water line repair and installation, as well as, water sampling for real estate and annual checks.

We also offer well inspections and well abandonments.

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Water Well Drilling

Our preferred drilling method is dual rotary. This method has proven to get through the toughest overburden and bedrock formations.  It is similar to other air drilling rigs, but this method does not drive the casing into the ground causing stress to the casing and welded joints.  Dual rotary drilling actually drills the casing into the ground using a special shoe that is welded to the  bottom of the well casing and has tungsten carbide teeth for cutting. 

Our dual rotary drill rig is a powerful and compact rig great for getting into the location you want your new well that others just simply can't.


Some of the benefits of dual rotary drilling are: 

  • perfectly straight wells                         

  • properly seats casing into bedrock 

  • real time formation sampling             

  • stops aquifer cross contamination

  • real time water sampling                             

  • less mess while drilling 

  • low yield water detection                           

  • water quality

  • water level detection

  • able to drill casing through boulders/hard & soft layered bedrock without reducing casing or using explosives at an extra unplanned cost to you

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Some of our projects and observations

Drilling in tight spaces
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Custom setups


If you have any questions or would like an estimate for a well by Brant Beecroft - Danwell Company please contact us through email, phone or carrier pigeon.


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